Teens Encounter Christ

TEC of Bloomington - Normal
Teens Encounter Christ
A journey towards peace and happiness...
TEC is a fun-filled, spiritually enriching and exciting weekend that is open to teens of all faiths from high school sophomores through age 19.

A TEC weekend provides an opportunity to truly experience the amazing love that Christ has for all of us. At TEC, you will learn that, although you may have many struggles in life, you never have to face them alone. You will become part of a community of loving and supportive people who will help you remain true to yourself and grow in your faith life.

TEC can be summed up with 4 F’s…

Faith, Friends, Fun, and Food…!

Learn more about TEC  and talk to others who have experienced a weekend...

What is TEC...???

I wasn't sure I'd fit in...

Then I discovered others have similar thoughts and questions about faith and Christ.
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